5PointOp honors and appreciates all those who serve, who have served and their families to provide the freedoms we enjoy in the USA.
We encourage America’s veterans to redeploy their skills and talents through training to invest in themselves and their communities.

We empower veterans through education and coaching to understand and demonstrate that they can achieve home ownership and teach other veterans to do the same.

We do more than give a veteran funds or a place to sleep for a night. We provide encouragement, hope and tools to enable them to create a home for every night.

With over 630,000 homeless people in America, including over 35,000 Veterans, the urgency of finding a solution to this problem is overwhelming. We need to do more to facilitate Veteran home ownership and provide them with the tools and training they need to become more financially stable.

At 5PointOp, we focus on the little things that make success a greater probability. The name 5PointOp denotes a winning mindset. The military teaches 6 P’s proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Our 5 P’s are more concise and, more importantly, are positively focused as Proper Planning PROMOTES Peak Performance.

The Veteran transition from military to civilian life is no easy task. But, with the right resources in place, success is attainable! We offer hope by helping others excel. We’re proud to provide a comprehensive training program that follows the military style of teaching: I Do, We Do, You Do.

This program maximizes veterans’ potential to apply their strong work ethic, tenacity, and newfound knowledge to succeed in the civilian world.

We’ve partnered with Community Foundation of Northern Iowa to help bring this project to the Cedar Valley.  Through their fiscal sponsership, we can offer you the chance to donate to us throught an accredited 501(c)3, which may make your gift tax deductible.  CFNEIA also provides us with trusted financial oversight and administrative support to help make our vision a reality.  Gifts to the 5PointOp Veteran Housing Fund with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa help provide support and skill building for veterans working toward housing security through the 5PointOp program.  

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