Vision Statement:
To honor those who served by streamlining reintegration and enhancing their future opportunities.
Mission Statement:
Build upon the skill sets that have created successful veterans to reintegrate them into positive and productive lives. Build stability and wealth for those that provided security while we civilians succeeded in our endeavors. To alleviate the negative impact the demands of military life placed on their lives, their families, and friends.
By partnering with local employers to understand their needs for workers and offering specific job skills training where it makes sense, employers are introduced to workers who are ready to show up for work and motivated to be there. Offering housing and a sense of purpose to these new hires is great motivation to get them invested in their careers.

How do we help veterans with home ownership? By following the motivational training program, qualified Veterans can dive deeper with boot-camp style property management specific to their future homes. Learn by doing (I Do, We Do, You Do) just like they’re used to.

Never alone on your road to homeownership. 5PointOp assigns dedicated coaches who not only help veterans choose the right training but also walk alongside them every step of the way, answering any property management questions veterans might have. Bonus: vets will be part of a supportive community of fellow Veterans to learn from and empower each other.

Skills for stability, hope for the future. We focus on in-demand skills that not only boost employability, but also create the stability they deserve. This reduces the risk of falling into poverty or depression, paving the way for a brighter future. And to further bolster success, we create communities where camaraderie and support flourish.

From battlefield to boardroom. We tap into a proven work ethic and tenacity to help veterans thrive in the civilian world. Our unique training program mirrors the military’s “I Do, We Do, You Do” approach, a familiar and effective knowledge transfer model for Veterans.

Your support, their success. By contributing to 5PointOp, you equip our honored Veterans with the tools they need to make a smooth transition to civilian life and, in turn, empower them to guide their fellow soldiers down the same path