What We Do

Hands, holding plants and nature soil in care for the environment, community and earth outside. Hand of people working together in hope, nurture and support for a sustainable future and conservation.

I Do: Training starts with an instructor teaching, which is I DO. The instructors teach Veterans about owning multi-family property such as a 4-plex, which a Veteran can purchase using a VA Home Loan. In addition, the vocational rehab training will teach soldiers how to transition military skills into civilian job opportunities. 

You Do: Veteran purchases a home with a VA loan and coaching provided by 5PointOp.  The Veteran manages their property without assistance from a coach and teaches other Veterans how to build security, which is You Do. Veterans are helping others to be successfully employed and become property owners. Veterans achieve success by fulfilling win-win opportunities for their tenants, employers, and their families.

We do: By partnering with local employers to understand their needs for workers and offering specific job skills training where it makes sense, employers are introduced to workers who are ready to show up for work and motivated to be there. Offering housing and a sense of purpose to these new hires is great motivation to get them invested in their careers.

● In addition to this motivational training, Veterans who are ready for home ownership will be provided with targeted training in property management specific to the home they will be living in and managing. This training will also be boot-camp style following the I Do, We Do, You Do model.
● 5PointOp assigns each Veteran in the program a coach to assist them. Coaches provide guidance on the type of training they need, support them through the training process, and support them with property management questions. 5PointOp provides communities for fellow Veterans to collaborate.
● Focusing on helping Veterans learn skills that are in demand will improve employability, creating stability, and reducing the likelihood of them sinking into poverty or depression. By creating a community of Veterans, we bolster camaraderie and create a support system that will enhance their success.
● We’re teaching Veterans to use their strong work ethic and tenacity to be successful in the civilian world. This training program will follow the military style of teaching: I do, we do, you do. This program is the most comprehensive knowledge transfer model and is VERY familiar to Veterans.
● Your support provides tools for our honored Veterans to successfully transition to civilian life and then teach their fellow soldiers to do the same. The win-win partnerships fostered amongst 5PointOp, Veterans, employers, and our communities create security and HOPE as we unify and build a strong future